… about some new (and old) ReSharper features

Here are some new ReSharper features that I picked up yesterday.  Shortcuts below are for IntelliJ IDEA mappings.

Highlight all usages of a symbol within the current file (more)

Position the cursor with any symbol (usage or declaration) and press Ctrl+Shift+F7. By default, declaration is highlighted in pink and usage in blue.  Highlights are also displayed in “code status indicator bar”  on the right-hand side of code window.

Locate in Solution Explorer (more)

Baked into Visual Studio is the ability to track the active item in Solution Explorer.  You can find the option in Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions.  Personally, I don’t like the Solution Explorer scrolling and expanding constantly when I change code windows so I turn off the feature.  There are sometimes when I want to know where in the solution I am. Press Shift+Alt+L to highlight the current file in the Solution Explorer.

I also stumbled across a ReSharper 4.0 Feature Map.  In addition to listing features, it also includes a description of where the feature can be found in the menu as well as keystrokes for VS and IntelliJ IDEA layouts.


~ by Bob Banks on 06/11/2009.

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